This is a painfully self-indulgent exercise. I'd like to say I'm doing it to help others. I am happy that a by-product of my self-indulgence is it seems to bring solace to some who are also wrestling with grief. Mainly, I have struggled to talk about what I'm going through, gone through a few well meaning shrinks, leaned on friends. But I kept getting in the way. So, I started trying to work it out here. It's helped.
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December 03, 2016



You have a voice, you are sharing it with all of US, that loved Jill. Yesterday was Snowball, the fundraiser that Jill started...she was everywhere for me there...and nowhere. It is hard, I cried on the way home, remembering her there...You are cared for Rik, thank you for giving grief a voice, and singing its low and painful sound for us all to hear and concur with. -Sandy

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