This is a painfully self-indulgent exercise. I'd like to say I'm doing it to help others. I am happy that a by-product of my self-indulgence is it seems to bring solace to some who are also wrestling with grief. Mainly, I have struggled to talk about what I'm going through, gone through a few well meaning shrinks, leaned on friends. But I kept getting in the way. So, I started trying to work it out here. It's helped.
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June 20, 2016


Benjamin Feldman

Jesus, Mary, mother of God, Rick Reppe. Here I sit in the courtyard of my temporary residence in Paris, starting the last day of my stay here on the first leg of a three week trip, having my first cup of coffee, savoring its flavor, mixed with tears that fall therein. It's the second day also that knowing you has choked my throat and watered my eyes since that first time so many years ago that I saw you perform your one man show at NYC's fringe festival and we spent an entire day walking Manhattan from the Battery to Spuyten Duyvil, Starting Out From Paumanok. What and how you wrote here is a blessing to all of us, so eloquent, so complete. I envy your sorrow and will forever be grateful for knowing you this ongoing way and hope to see you again in this world, not waiting for the world to come....
Ben Feldman

Travis Terry

As I was reading this, I felt like a man who was never able to grasp what a noun was sitting in the presence of a master language teacher. What an incredibly moving tribute to an amazing love. Sending you non-verbal and quite possibly incoherent thoughts and prayers today.

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