This is a painfully self-indulgent exercise. I'd like to say I'm doing it to help others. I am happy that a by-product of my self-indulgence is it seems to bring solace to some who are also wrestling with grief. Mainly, I have struggled to talk about what I'm going through, gone through a few well meaning shrinks, leaned on friends. But I kept getting in the way. So, I started trying to work it out here. It's helped.
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May 10, 2016



I relish your writings and because I too have seen that "you've tried this before" eye roll from Jill, which made me even more determined, I laughed RIGHT OUT LOUD ! thank you means nothing and everything ❤️ Sandy

Miss Bliss

Our lives are made up of these mundane, every day things. We know to brace for the big things. Not that bracing reduces the impact in any way, but we at least know to do it. But all this little day in, day out That's the stuff the blindsides us. Moving the salt and pepper on a restaurant table, the way rain smells on a warm sidewalk, a flower bed full of tulips and mushy, overcooked vegetables. Love you dearheart.

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