This is a painfully self-indulgent exercise. I'd like to say I'm doing it to help others. I am happy that a by-product of my self-indulgence is it seems to bring solace to some who are also wrestling with grief. Mainly, I have struggled to talk about what I'm going through, gone through a few well meaning shrinks, leaned on friends. But I kept getting in the way. So, I started trying to work it out here. It's helped.
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April 30, 2016


Eben Cooper

I know you, so I know what might help. Those story telling shows you used to do. I remember one where you had gone back Now Orleans right after Katrina to look for your friend. There was another one where you went back there again right after your divorce. Eben


Dear Rick, I can't imagine what you are going through. Len Musgrove and I have been married 30 years now. I don't know how I'd live with out him. I have however had a couple friends that have lost a spouse and they went through the same thing. Crying at the drop of a hat, feeling hopeless, but as time goes on and it will take time, it will get better. Don't worry about losing memory of her. You had true love and you will never lose that. Some people never have a relationship like you did. Try to think about the wonderful things you shared and the kids. It will help a little.
Peace will come.

Michael Newman

Rik, it's been so many years since we last met or spoke. A different time and place, both geographically and emotionally. I can't begin to express my sorrow for your loss and pain. I know not much of your life over the last 25 years, since we last met. A lot of growing and living happens over a time period such as that. Losing Jill is incomprehensible, and your grief will be there always. I needn't say this. But it will alter and manifest it self in time. And not always in the "kicked in the gut" feeling. Your girls, your darlings are now looking to you. And you will find Jill's love and guidance in them too. For they are you and Jill. And their own love and kindness. I think this blog will be good for you. A way to share your feeling with those who really care about you, now and forever. Just as she did. Love you girls. Always. Your family and friends are there for you and your girls. Bring them in close and never forget that there are those of us, out there, who will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, when you need us.

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