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July 27, 2005



Good commentary. You're a motorist who shows a very good understanding of what cyclists do. I agree with you that the guy on the bike needs to make up his mind about whether he should be a vehicle or a pedestrian.

John A. Ardelli

Well. It's nice to see a motorist talking about a cyclists RIGHT TO USE the road for a change. ;)

For the record, I'm a cyclist who rides in the road following all traffic laws. You won't have any close calls should you ever encounter me. Just think of me as a fellow road user. ;)


Hey, John & Fritz! Thanks for stopping by, guys. I used to ride a great deal in Tucson and Los Angeles (Tucson - great cycling town, LA - not so great cycling town) and learned that on a bike I was far better off viewing myself as a vehicle, getting out there on the road with an attitude of "I don't need no stinkin' engine". For the most part this worked, except for a small number of drivers who would take exception to me being on "their" road. Certainly, I found it safer than the sidewalk where too many potential collisions with pedestrians, skateboards, dogs, and strollers lurked. Don't know where you guys live but Minneapolis, when it's not buried under snow, is a really good town to ride in. Large number of dedicated bike paths, abundance of bike lanes on major thoroughfares and a ridiculously polite populace that may grumble to themselves about you being on their road but don't act on that grumbling. What's surprised me is the number of cyclists who use the sidewalk. As a pedestrian I've come close to getting drilled by bikes a number of times in just the last couple of months. And I'm really not adopting an attitude of bikes should never get on a sidewalk. Back when I rode as my primary form of transportation I preferred the road but sometimes traffic got too aggressive and weird and I'd seek refuge on the sidewalk...but when that happened I either slowed way, way down or got out of the saddle and walked it.


This sounds like the beginnings of a GREAT movie of the week. LOL.


Miss Bliss

Well you know where I live and it's a crappy town for cyclists, as you mentioned. I'm glad you didn't kill the guy, with your car or with his bike while attempting to be a decent person. Resentful irresponsible cyclists are a lot like resentful irresponsible motercyclists...they make it bad for all the really great ones out there who are a pleasure to have on road.


Nothing incenses me more than people who make the error on the road and then proceed to blame you for it. Great post!


Nothing incenses me more than people who make the error on the road and then proceed to blame you for it. Great post!


Hey! I almost ran over a sidewalk bicyclist this week, too! Wonder if it was the same guy... You'd think he'd learn...

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